E-machines focuses on helping companies to find the balance between the drive to lower cost, and the need to establish quality networks to support their current and future business needs. We also focus on:

  1. Offering network hardware and software equipment and accessories.
  2. Managing and re-engineering of existing networks systems.
  3. Connecting companies and homes with every substantial last mile provider, so you get the best available last mile access technology
  4. Provision of network monitoring and management services that helps in ensuring maximum network efficiency, with improved business insight
  5. Voice services network systems for high-quality telecommunications and offer you the very latest technology in form of On-site Voice provides clients with dedicated on-site voice deployments, Hosted PBX gives you a way of migrating to a fully hosted PBX solution at your own pace and voice Trunk Services gives you a high quality and competitive Voice Minutes termination partner.
  6. We offer a range of purpose-built Internet Access services for specific business needs. Fast, reliable– with the highest quality.
  7. Internet, WAN, MAN and Wireless infrastructure connection, configuration, maintenance and services
  8. Perimeter Firewalls, routers, and Network Anti-Virus systems that provides real-time anti-virus network protection at a fraction of the cost of setting up your own network security system.
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