Our Vision

E-Machines believes the core behind any organisation implementing an Information Technology (IT) systems is to ensure effective and efficient access to information. Over the years as various IT hardware and software vendors have developed solutions that facilitate the access and processing of information customers have found themselves with a heterogeneous mix of systems and challenges that are associated with maintaining and integrating such systems.
E-Machines is working toward establishing itself as a reputed Systems Integration House delivering solid and sound IT solutions that are consistent with our customers’ need to access and process information. For E-Machines to achieve this vision we realised that there is need to invest in people and the necessary resources that will enable us to deliver our promises. We endeavor to engage the services of skilled and professional people whose desire is to serve the customer.
E-Machines will also thrive to create an enabling environment for its personnel to ensure that they deliver according to our expectations. E-Machines is not an expert in all things. We will endeavor to develop strong alliances and or partnerships with strategic international and local IT solutions providers in order to deliver world-class products and associated services.
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